late season / early fall harvest


Carrots, sweet potatoes and jalapenos… oh my.

I stepped outside for a final harvest and I was quite pleased.

These were the best carrots I’ve ever had!
They were simmered in a little bit of water about 2 Tbsp butter and some raw organic sugar. I had no idea carrots could be THAT good ūüôā

I’ll have to let you know about the¬†sweet potatoes, they’re baking as we speak.

I recently discovered lacto-fermenting, which I’ll explain all about in a separate post, but I have so many jalapenos, I cut them all up last night for (raw)¬†pickling. I can’t wait until these babies are done. I tossed in a sprig of rosemary and some dried lemon peel. I’ll tell you about that in my next post.


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