Homemade Ear Drops

Ear Drops
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  1. 1 part Vinegar
  2. 1 part Rubbing Alcohol
  3. 1 drop Lavender EO
  1. add to a dropper bottle, shake and put one drop in each ear
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ear drops

OK, so I get REALLY bad allergies in the fall and spring. I get this fluid build up in my inner-ear that leaves me feeling like I’m stuck in a fun house. NOT fun! And I can’t take ANY kind of allergy medicine. Trust me, I’ve tried. All of it knocks me out. I took one benedryl Saturday afternoon and basically slept until noon on Monday.

Two years ago, I went to the allergist at my doctor’s office. They find out what you’re allergic to the most and then give you immunotherapy shots, one for pollen and one for … OK, yeah I forget… let’s just say other allergens. I got huge welts from the shots and they hurt like hell! I stuck to it, I gave myself the shots every week for MONTHS, even though just the thought of these shots was enough to send me into fetal position. After a while, I realized that I’d rather deal with a little dizziness a couple of times a year then the agonizing shots and the anxiety that came with them. So, I stopped.

This year was the worst I’ve ever experienced from the dizziness, There were a couple of days where I could barely stand. I felt wobbly and I couldn’t think.

So, I  started doing research. The cuplrit had to be fluid on my inner-ear. Some resources said rubbing alcohol, some said white vinegar, others touted the benefits of lavender oil. So I combined all three. Half alcohol, half vinegar and a drop of lavender EO. I put one drop in each ear and by the next morning, I was beginning to feel better. So, I did this every evening for three days. 


  1. Robeta Afable June 23, 2015 12:59 am

    What is one part, how much alcohol, and vinegar and what type of vinegar?

    • dawnselene June 23, 2015 2:21 pm

      Hi Robeta,
      One part and one part; in this case, it’s the same as 50% and 50%. I just filled my bottle with what looked like halfway with the alcohol and then the other half with white vinegar and then added the drop of Lavender Essential Oil (optional).

      Good luck!


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